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    We are the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) Centre for South-South Industrial Cooperation in Beijing, (UCSSIC/China).  The establishment of the Centre aims to promote south-south cooperation in industrial development areas between China and other developing countries.

    UCSSIC believes that south-south cooperation is essential for the developing countries to effectively participate in the global economy. The rich diversity of the South provides an excellent opportunity for forging mutually beneficial partnerships to work towards the common goal of economic growth, industrial development and poverty reduction. However, the potential of South-South cooperation serving as a driver of development effectiveness needs to be further exploited in order for developing countries to benefit from each other’s development experiences in facing challenges and seizing opportunities in an internationally competitive environment. To date, the potential of maximizing gains through leveraging of capacities, networking of institutions and making timely technological interventions still remains largely untapped, and UNIDO plays a pivotal role in giving a stimulus to South-South Cooperation by bringing forward its expertise and time-tested field experiences in support of developing countries, particularly the LDCs. 

    UCSSIC will provide a platform for the following activities:

    ·   facilitating the analysis and possible adaptation in developing countries, particularly LDCs, of successful strategies and policy choices, institutional arrangements and best technological and managerial practices implemented by the emerging economies of the South towards sustainable industrial development;

    ·  disseminating knowledge of lessons from best practices in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurship development in an internationally competitive environment;

    ·  transferring and implementing specific practices and methodologies adopted for acquiring modern technologies, and assimilating, learning, adapting new technologies that suit the country-specific context;

    ·  strengthening institutional networking and dovetailing industrial stakeholders’ interest in the effective transfer of technology,  spreading the spill-over effects of foreign direct investment (FDI) on domestic capability building, and investment promotion partnerships for the transformation of selected raw materials.

    ·  promoting environment- and energy-related projects for fostering environmentally friendly and economically efficient sustainable industrial development; 

    · promoting partnerships and increased trade and investment flows within the South; and

    ·  replicating best practices in trade capacity building in order to facilitate trade flows between emerging economies of the South and other developing countries.

    UCSSIC looks forward to cooperating with potential partners from around world for a better tomorrow!

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