UCSSIC supported Green Industry Training Workshop in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province

    Update Time:2018-01-24 Source:

    UNIDO “Improve Green Industry in Fujian Province” Training Workshop, organized by UNIDO Fujian Project Office and supported by UCSSIC, was held on January 16-19, 2018 in Zhangzhou. The training aimed at enhancing trainees’ understanding of green industrial development and environment management by introducing the “5S” theory and practice. About 70 people from LEEDARSON, a leading enterprise in LED lighting industry in China, attended the workshop. With active atmosphere and heated discussions, the workshop was well received by the trainees.

    UCSSIC attended the workshop on the morning of January 19, 2018 and gave two presentations. Mr. Guo Li introduced UCSSIC, its on-going MCSR project and its efforts in promoting green growth, human resource development and international cooperation through experience sharing, etc. Ms. Zhu Li gave a detailed introduction of the Green Silk Road Project Guidelines and Verification Manual for GIPs, as well as an overview of industrial parks in China and the latest GIP achievement – an international framework for EIPs, recently produced by UNIDO, World Bank Group and GIZ.

    UCSSIC also made on-site visit to LEEDARSON’s several production workshops to learn about its measures in enhancing its environmental performance and protecting its workers’ health and safety.