UCSSIC promotes Industrial Development Projects in Fuzhou

    Update Time:2018-01-24 Source:

    On January 17-18, 2018, UCSSIC Director Mr. Guo Li and Programme Officer Ms. Zhu Li met with relevant stakeholders in Fuzhou to discuss cooperation plans in 2018. Meetings were held with heads of the following departments:

    -           UNIDO Fujian Project Office

    -           Division of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation, Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce

    -           Division of Development Zones Administration, Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce

    -           Fujian Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Officials Training Center

    -           Fujian International Investment Promotion Center

    -           Fujian Provincial Trade Promotion Center

    -           Fujian Association of Development Zones

    -           UNMCSR City Alliance Project Business Council

    -           China Certification & Inspection Group Fujian Co., Ltd

    All parties praised the good tradition of cooperation between UNIDO and Fujian for the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) event in Xiamen and reviewed the achievements of joint cooperation on the GIP promotion in Fujian Province in the past years, and agreed to push for further cooperation focusing on promoting trade and investment, GIP development in Fujian Province and cooperation on training technical personnel from other developing countries, including:

    -           Join hands for further consolidated cooperation for the CIFIT event in 2018;

    -           Facilitate B2B match-making events between Chinese enterprises (especially SMEs) and potential cooperating partners from other countries;

    -           Promote China’s cooperation with South-eastern Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines.

    -           UCSSIC will continue to support GIP Development in Fujian Province

    -           UCSSIC will provide financial or human resource supports for selected training workshops.