UCSSIC joined International Day for SSC

    Update Time:2017-09-13 Source:

    On September 12, UCSSIC Director Guo Li attended the panel discussion focusing on Transfer of Technology and Innovation. The event, which was held at UN Compound in Beijing and attended by some 120 people, was to commemorate the International Day for South-South Cooperation.

    As invited panelists, Professor Justin Lin Yifu from Peking University and Ms. Han Hongmei, Executive Director of China-Africa Fund for Industrial Cooperation shared their experience and perspectives on the future of SSC as catalyst for knowledge and technology transfer among developing countries. They both stressed the importance of the SDG9-featuring Industry, Infrastructure and Innovation, with which UNIDO associates its mission and business practices since 2015, in transforming and re-shaping the economies of developing countries and providing huge potential for future SSC. In response to Mr. Guo’s question addressed to the panelists, Professor Lin also pointed out that China has a lot to offer for other developing countries in terms of development policy formulation and consistent implementation, job creation, urbanization and above all, the pragmatic approaches undertaken in solving problems encountered under different situations.

    By attending the event, the role of UNIDO in promoting economic development and pushing for SSC was recognized by many participants on the occasion.