UCSSIC attends 2017 Green Development Forum

    Update Time:2017-07-07 Source:

    On July 6, the 2017 China Green Development Forum themed with Finance Accelerates Green Transition convened in Beijing Chang Fu Gong Hotel. The forum was led by UNIDO-UNEP GIP China Chapter Office, co-sponsored by Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy(CISTDS),China Fortune Media Group, and Beijing Fund Town. Mr. Ralf Bredel,chief representative of UNIDO Regional Office in China gave the opening address on behalf of the organizer and Mr.WANG Zhen, chief representative of UNIDO Asia and the Pacific Division made a keynote speech at the forum. Mr.GUO Li, Director of UCSSIC attended the forum and participated in the parallel sessions.

    The Green Industry Platform is an international platform established by UNIDO and UNEP, which aims to promote green industrial actions by building partnerships. UNIDO’s Department of Environment is responsible for the platform construction. The GIP CCO is the regional executive structure in the framework of the GIP platform. GIP CCO brings together top research team and experts from both China and the world. The organization, rooted in the UN global network, is dedicated to promoting the development of green industry in China by sharing global green development experiences.